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How do you determine the projects' estimated costs and turnaround time?

Project complexity is the main factor that determines its final price. We calculate pricing for every project individually and carefully. The prices listed on the Services page are minimum prices for each service. The turnaround time is determined in a similar way. All these calculations and time schedules are sent to you before we start our work. We always do our best to meet the determined deadline with maximum preciseness.

How experienced are you?

Our entire team has been collaborating for several years. Each team member is experienced in their field and always treats the current project with maximum dedication and attention. Together we’ve finished dozens of projects to clients’ maximum satisfaction. Our external experts are always trusted professionals with years of experience in their field.

How does communication during project realization work?

For every project we create a new space in our installation of BaseCamp – one of world’s most popular collaboration and project management system. Thanks to this system all our team members involved in a project can communicate directly with the client and troubleshoot all potential complications in advance. The main communication language of our team is English.

How do payments for finished projects work?

We ask our clients for payments after we’ve finished all major work on the project – at the stage when it’s clear that the client is fully satisfied with what we’ve made. For every project we generate an invoice that can be paid for using either wire transfer or PayPal – which also supports credit card payments.

Does your work comply with standards?

Sure. Every time we realize a new project we make it standards-compliant – so you can be sure our graphics comply with accessibility standards, our code is valid according to the latest W3C standards and all WordPress themes always take advantage of the CMS’ corresponding features.

Do you provide any guarantees?

Yes, we always take responsibility for any potential mistakes that could be made during our work. If there are ever any mistakes or errors in the realized projects we fix them right away for no additional fees. Situations like this, however, rarely happen. Though you can be sure we take full responsibility for our work. Also, if the clients come up with minor change requests during the project development we make these as well.

We need some additional changes in the project that you already realized for us. Can you make them?

Of course… If there’s ever need for changes to a finished project or new feature requests, there’s no problem with that. In most cases these changes are charged by hours spent on the the actual work. Don’t worry, every project is realized with future extensibility in mind so that you can be sure that for additional work you pay the least amount of money possible.

Our project doesn't fit in any service category on the Services page. Can we still contact you about it?

Definitely. Thanks to our individual attitude we can realize completely unique and unusual projects. If this is you project’s case feel free to send us a message using for instance the contact form. Together we’ll try to come up with a perfect solution.

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